UTSA Email – How We Contact You

The official means of student communications at UTSA is through email. Each student is issued a UTSA email address ending in @my.utsa.edu.

UTSA will use your @my.utsa.edu email address to communicate with all enrolled students, including important information such as financial aid, registration, payment deadlines, bills, grades and more. Students can see what their UTSA email address is (formatted firstname.lastname@my.utsa.edu) by logging into their myUTSA Account and clicking on the main menu page.

Launch Email Inbox

For new students, UTSA can start to send communications to the UTSA email address as early as once you sign up for Orientation or register for classes at UTSA. Once students are fully enrolled, UTSA will exclusively send all email communications to the student’s UTSA email address.

Students must check their UTSA email accounts regularly (daily is suggested), and not having seen an important UTSA email message from a faculty member other University administrator or administrative office is not accepted as an excuse for failure to take an important action.

How do I log into my email inbox?

To sign in to your @my.utsa.edu inbox on the web:

  1. Go to outlook.office.com/mail
  2. Enter your UTSA email address (your email address can be found on the main menu after you login to myUTSA Account)
  3. You will then be re-routed to a login screen where you’ll enter your email address again with your myUTSA passphrase
  4. Verify your identity through Duo Two-Factor Authentication

You can also access your inbox by going to portal.office.com, which will allow you to easily access other Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint; as well as, One Drive where you can save documents. Click here for more information about Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Portal.

Can I forward my UTSA email address to a private email?

Students who forward or redirect email from their official @my.utsa.edu address to a private email (i.e. @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, etc.) do so at their own risk and the university is not responsible for the privacy and security practices handled by outside email vendors. Additionally, UTSA offices, staff or faculty will not be able to respond with detailed or sensitive information about the student to any non-utsa email address.

What happened to the preferred email option?

As of October 4, 2021, UTSA discontinued the preferred email address option and all email communications will be sent to the utsa-issued @my.utsa.edu email address that is assigned to the student. Learn more about the e-mail policy change and the student email migration project.

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