Registration Instructions

Every amazing semester begins at registration. These instructions will help you find the courses you need and make registering for them a breeze.

Steps to Register for Classes

  1. Log in to ASAP
  2. Click on “Student Services”
  3. Click on “Registration”
  4. Click “Select Term” and enter correct term
  5. Click “Check your Registration Status”
  1. Log in to ASAP
  2. Click on “Student Services”
  3. Click on “Registration”
  4. Click on “Schedule of Classes”

If you have difficulty finding courses that fit your schedule, use the Time Blocks at the bottom of the Schedule of Classes page to search for open sections of courses.

You can search for classes specifically at the UTSA Downtown or Main campuses by using the Class Search feature and checking Main Campus only or Downtown Campus only on the Schedule of Classes. Downtown Campus course section numbers usually begin with “9,” such as 901, while Main Campus section numbers usually begin with “0.”

  1. Log in to ASAP
  2. Click on “Student Services”
  3. Click on “Register for classes, add/drop classes, withdraw from university”
  4. Search the class schedule for CRNS of courses you wish to register for and enter into the ADD classes worksheet
  5. When finished, click “Submit Changes”

Please note that tuition and fee bills for are not mailed. Bills may be obtained through ASAP.

  1. Click on “Student Services”
  2. Click on “Registration”
  3. Click on “Student Detail Schedule” – You can also see your current schedule from the main registration page
  1. From the Registration page, you can add a class by entering another CRN.
  2. From the Registration page, you can drop* a class by selecting the action of “drop” from your current schedule.
  3. From the Registration page, you can waitlist a class by selecting the action of “waitlist” from the drop-down menu. Visit Waitlisting for more information.

*You cannot drop your last class. You must withdraw.

Withdraw from the University

From the Registration page on ASAP, read the information concerning withdraw at the top of the page and follow instructions.

Independent Study and Other Courses Requiring Special Approval

You may not register for Independent Study courses in ASAP. You must obtain an Independent Study Course Form online, in the department office offering the course, or from One Stop. Complete the form, obtain the authorizations, and take the form to One Stop during your designated registration time.

To register for courses that require special approval, contact the advisor or department office authorizing enrollment in the course. In most cases, you can register for the class via ASAP once authorization has been obtained.

Auditing Courses

  • Review the Audit Checklist and complete an Audit Course Form for each course to be audited.
  • Approval of the course instructor and the Chair of the Department in which the course is offered is required. Participation of an auditor in class is at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Auditors are allowed on a space available basis after all students registering for credit have been accommodated.
  • Review the Audit Checklist for detailed audit information.


The Finish@UT is a student’s gateway to online degrees and courses from the participating University of Texas System institutions. The majority of the programs listed in the UTOC Website and offered by UT institutions can be completed entirely online. Any exceptions will be noted on the program information pages. Some programs can lead to a degree, endorsement or certificate conferred by the participating institution, while others are a grouping of courses. Online courses follow a semester-based schedule.

Information on courses and programs can be found on the Online Consortium Website.

Students must be admitted to one of the UT System institutions in order to enroll in the Online Consortium courses. Students should also check with their academic advisors to ensure that enrollments in Consortium courses will satisfy their degree requirements.

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