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Class Modality

Classes at UTSA can have different modes of instruction.


The most traditional mode of instruction is face-to-face. Classes occur in-person with a set classroom capacity. You can identify these classes on the class schedule by looking at the “campus field”. It should display either “main campus” or “downtown campus”.

Online & Hybrid

Courses can also be taken online. To find and understand the various aspect of online courses in the class schedule, please see the information below.

Internet vs Online Campus

Courses taught online are categorized as either an “internet” campus course or “online” campus course.

  • Internet Campus – for students who attend UTSA on campus but can take some of their courses online/remotely
    • To search for these courses, select “INET” in the attribute box on the class schedule.
  • Online Campus – for students who are in a fully online degree program (Online Cyber Security and Online Multidisciplinary Studies)
    • To search for these courses, select “online campus” checkbox in the campus section on the class schedule.

Online Instructional Delivery

Online courses can be either asynchronous, synchronous, or a little bit of both (hybrid), which informs if the online course meets real-time with the professor or if lectures are recorded and you can review in your own time. See the breakdown below:

Online Asynchronous

Online Asynchronous

What does it mean? – Classes do not meet in real-time

There is no set course time — course content and instruction are available at the student’s convenience. There may be synchronous meetings (for example, office hours or tutoring) as long as they are not required for a grade.

How do I know a course is asynchronous? – Course will not display a “Meeting Time” when viewing the Class Schedule

Online Synchronous

Online Synchronous

What does it mean? – Classes meet in real-time

Classes occur online during the scheduled course period.

How do I know a course is synchronous? – Course will display a “Meeting Time” when viewing the Class Schedule

Online Hybrid

Online Hybrid

What does it mean? – Classes meet partially in a mixture of real-time and not real-time; the course syllabus will indicate the frequency of the scheduled meeting times

All course content is available asynchronously; however, synchronous class meetings may be held as part of the course and the student’s grade. The time for class meetings will be listed on the class schedule and syllabus.

How do I know a course is hybrid? – Course will display a “Meeting Time” and have a “Comment” showing “Online-Hybrid” when viewing the Class Schedule

How to Search for Classes Based on Modality

You can now easily search for courses based on modality by selecting a campus when viewing the Schedule of Classes. If you want to view all course modality offerings for a particular course, you will leave the campus section unchecked.

How to View Certain Course Modality


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