Summer Registration

Summer at UTSA is different than your typical fall and spring semesters. There are several terms available, shorter weeks, and overlapping dates and deadlines depending on your enrollment. We’re here to help guide you toward a successful and breezy summer.

Summer 2024 Terms Available

There are several terms available during the summer. Below you will find each term along with the start and end date. Note: many terms overlap and will have different registration dates and deadlines.

Term Name

Course Start/End Date

3-week Mini-mester (M) May 28- June 17
First Five-Week Term (F) May 28- July 2
Ten-Week Term (T) May 28- August 7
First Four-Week Term (J) June 10- July 9
Eight-Week Term (8) June 10- August 1
Second Five-Week Term (S) July 3- August 7
Second Four-Week Term (L) July 10- August 6

Scroll below to see important dates and deadlines associated with each term.

Course Offerings

You can view the various summer course offerings on the Class Schedule. Be sure to carefully review the headers in each section to see which summer term the course is being offered in. You can also use the Schedule Planner to help you build the best schedule based on your needs.

Registration Timeframes & Schedule

Who can register?

Registration is based on classifications. Please reference the Summer Registration Schedule below.

When can you register?

Summer 2024 registration starts March 18. Reference the Summer Registration Schedule below to see your designated start date and time by student classification. You can also print or save this registration schedule PDF.

How do you register?

We have step by step instructions to help you register.

Registration Populations Registration Start Date
Priority Populations (Honors College, Eligible Veterans*) March 18, 7am
Doctoral and Master’s Students (degree-seeking) March 18, 7am
Seniors (90-110+ credit hours earned) & ACP Teacher Certification March 19, 7am
Juniors (60-89 credit hours earned) and Post Bac Students March 20, 7am
Online Only Programs March 20, 7am
Sophomores (30-59 credit hours earned) March 21, 7am
Freshmen (0-29 credit hours earned) March 21, 7am
Special Undergraduates and Non-Degree Seeking Graduate Students March 22, 7am
Open Registration Registration Start
Registration open to all eligible continuing and new students March 22, 7am

* Priority registration will be granted for all eligible veterans and service members who are currently utilizing GI Bill benefits.

Registration Instructions

  • Each timeframe has a start date/time when students in that classification can register before registration opens for the next classification.
  • Check your registration status &  holds: Log into your myUTSA Account to check your current classification and earned credit hours.
    • On your myUTSA Account Modern View, click on the Main Menu (top left) and select “Student Services”
    • Under the Menu: Registration & Records card, click on App Student Profile button
    • At the top in the dark strip, you can view your registration status by clicking on Registration Notices and holds by clicking on Holds
  •  Check for prerequisites: Prerequisites can prevent registration, so it is highly recommended that you address any holds you have or prerequisite overrides needed before your registration timeframe.
  • Stay on track with your degree: We want to make sure you are all set to graduate on time so we recommend using DegreeWorks! You can easily identify courses that have been completed and what courses are still needed to fulfill your degree requirements. You can also schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor.
  • Use our Schedule Planner: UTSA offers a schedule planner to help you build the best schedule possible as it considers your needs. You can customize it to include your course preferences and block off the time you need to set aside for work or extra-curricular activities. We highly recommend using the schedule planner to create a personalized class schedule just for you!
  • You must log into your myUTSA Account student portal to register for, add or drop semester credit hours. There are course maximums you must adhere to during summer.
  • We encourage you to view our Registration Guide before your designated registration timeframe to familiarize yourself with the new process.

Waitlists will be open for the 10-week, 8-week, 5-week and 4-week terms.

Additionally, please note classroom (location) assignments will not be available during registration. Classrooms are assigned approximately two weeks before the scheduled start of the semester.

Check out the Summer 2024 Academic Calendar for Payment Deadlines, Refund Deadlines, Drop & Withdrawal Deadlines, and other important dates!

This registration schedule is subject to change.

Need help?

If you have questions about your classification (i.e., freshman, senior, etc.) or registration, contact One Stop Enrollment 210-458-8000 or toll free 1-800-669-0919.

Students with Texas Success Initiative (TSI) holds are advised and registered by TSI Programs. TSI programs can be contacted at or 210-458-4498.

Maximum Course Registration

Students may enroll in no more than 15 credit hours during the entire summer, regardless of the combination of terms.  There are also limitations to how many credit hours you can take during the various summer terms:

  • 3 credit hour maximum in a 3-week term
  • 4 credit hour maximum in a 4-week term
  • 6 credit hour maximum in a 5-week term
  • 9 credit hour maximum in a 8-week term
  • 12 credit hour maximum in a 10-week term

Note: Students on academic probation or academic warning may enroll in no more than 7 credit hours during the entire summer semester and students on probation may not enroll in a course offered in a term of fewer than five weeks.

Financial Aid

Need help paying for classes this summer? Be sure to submit your 2023-2024 FAFSA by June 30 and a Request for Summer Financial Aid Application on your myUTSA Account. For more information about applying for aid, types of aid, and eligibility, visit Summer Financial Aid.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Dates and deadlines will vary based on the summer term(s) you are registered and can be found in the Summer Academic Calendar. Find out more information regarding some of the important dates and deadlines below.

In order to secure your classes, you must pay your Tuition and Fees by the term’s payment deadline. Check your payment deadline date and then log into Rowdy Pay via your myUTSA Account to make arrangements.

Note: Payment arrangements must be made no later than census date (5pm). Students who do not make payment arrangements by their term’s census date will lose your classes.

If you decide to not attend the summer term you are registered for, you will need to withdraw from all classes within the term before the first day of class for a 100% tuition and fee refund. The refund amount starts to decrease the first day of class.

Note: You must complete the withdrawal process with the One Stop Enrollment Center.

Example Scenario:

Joe is registered for 6 credit hours in the F term. He decides to no longer take classes in the F term and will instead take 6 credit hours in the S term. Joe reviews the Summer Academic Calendar and determines he must withdraw from the F term at One Stop before the first day of class to receive 100% tuition and fee refund for the course.  If he withdraws on the first day or afterwards, he will receive a tuition and fee refund of 80%.

Census date (5 p.m.) marks official enrollment for the summer term.

  • If you are registered for more than one class within the term, it’s the last day to individually drop a class and receive a 100% tuition and fee refund.
    Note: If you withdrawal from every course in your summer term, the refund will be in accordance with the Withdrawal Tuition and Fee Refund.
  • It’s the last day to drop or withdraw from a course without a grade being reported on your transcript.

This is the last day you can drop an individual course for the summer term and receive an automatic “W” for the grade.

Note: You must see your advisor to drop a developmental course.

This is the last day to withdraw from all classes in the summer term. A grade of “W” will automatically be given for each course.

Note: You must complete the withdrawal process with the One Stop Enrollment Center.

You will not be able to see any summer grades on your myUTSA Account until  mid August regardless of which summer term you attended. Please check Canvas or with your professor for individual grades. Transcripts will be updated with grades once the final summer session has ended.

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