Border County Program

The UTSA Border County Program is a student tuition-assistance program that allows eligible F-1/J-1 visa students from Mexico with limited financial resources to pay Texas in-state tuition. This is a need-based program and not a competitive scholarship.

If you are applying for the Border County Program for the first time, are a readmitted student, or had a change of level (undergraduate to graduate) then you must submit a First-Time Application.

If you are continuing in the Border County Program then you must submit a Recertification Application.

Eligibility Requirements

The applicant must:

  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of Mexico
  • Not have a U.S. Permanent Resident card or pending application for U.S. permanent residency
  • Plan to return to Mexico after finishing his or her educational program
  • Have a current F-1/J-1 visa or be in the process of obtaining a valid F-1/J-1 visa
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Enroll and maintain a full-time status:12 hours for undergraduate; 9 hours for graduates per semester. Students enrolled in the Intensive English Program are not eligible!
  • Maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 for undergraduate students or 3.0 for graduate students.

First-Time Application

Required Documents for First-time Applicants

First-time Application Deadlines

  • Fall semester applicants: August 1
  • Spring semester applicants: December 17
  • Summer semester applicants: May 1

Recertification Application

Border County Program participants must be recertified for each Fall semester for program eligibility (if you had a change of level–undergraduate to graduate–then you must submit a First-Time Application). Approval must be granted each Fall in order to receive tuition assistance in the form of Texas in-state tuition.

Required Documents for Recertification Applicants

Recertification Deadline: August 1

Submission of Application and Documents

The completed form must be submitted via the Document Uploader.

Things you need to know about the Border County Program (FAQ)

Download and complete the application with required supporting documentation and submit no later than the listed deadline for your specific semester. You may submit your application by mail or in-person. No faxed or emailed applications will be accepted. Application forms be found at

Yes, you must be admitted to UTSA in order to apply for the BCP.

Unfortunately, no. You must be admitted to a degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate level academic program in order to apply.

If you, the applicant, financially support yourself, or if you are supported by someone other than your parents, you must complete the application using your own financial information or a sponsor’s personal and financial information.

Some applicants may receive financial assistance with their college expenses from people other than their parents, for example, grandparents or other close relatives. This financial support information must be included in the application. You need to enter the personal and financial information for this other sponsor in the spaces provided on the application.

The applicant must submit a notarized letter from a bookkeeper or accountant reporting the annual gross income earned by you or your parents from the business, and the net worth of the business. The letter must be on official business letterhead.

Applications are reviewed for completeness, and the supporting documents are verified. A determination is then made as to whether or not a student shows the required need for tuition assistance. Before the start of the semester, UTSA will adjust students’ accounts so that charges are reflected at the in-state tuition rate for all approved Border County tuition-assistance recipients.

Fall applicants are eligible to pay Texas in-state tuition for one academic year, as long as you maintain all requirements for eligibility.

Spring semester applicants are eligible for in-state tuition for spring and the following summer semester, as long as you maintain all requirements for eligibility.

Summer semester applicants are eligible for summer semester in-state tuition.

Every year all BCP participants must submit the recertification form before the beginning of the fall semester in order to continue to receive in-state tuition.

Approved program participants are contacted via the UTSA email address.

Yes, you may submit a new application for the next Fall semester. If you have proof that your financial situation has changed considerably (i.e., bankruptcy, loss of employment, natural disaster, etc.), you may submit a new application for the Spring semester or Summer semester.

No, recertification is never automatic. Your eligibility must be determined first. The information on your form will be reviewed, and a decision will be made based on that information. You may be contacted by email requesting more information or additional documentation. If you are contacted and asked for more information, please respond by the date indicated in the email. Documents submitted after the date indicated in the email will not be accepted.

No. You must use the First-time Application.

No, not necessarily. It is important that you report all your income and the income of your family and/or sponsors in order to avoid fraudulent submissions that would disqualify your application.

Yes, but only if your financial situation has changed.


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