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Emergency Aid

If you are faced with a financial challenge due to an unforeseen circumstance, there are resources available to help you. From a re-evaluation of your financial aid, to emergency loans and grants, our Roadrunner Food Pantry and Counseling Services, UTSA is here to help you continue to attend school. Please consider the following resources.

Financial Aid Re-Evaluation

If you or your family have suffered a financial set back that has changed your finances since you filled out your FAFSA, you may qualify to have your financial aid re-evaluated. Re-evaluation could lead to a change in your expected family contribution (EFC) or a change of cost of attendance. Increase in grants are not guaranteed, and is based on funding availability.

Situations that warrant a re-evaluation of your financial aid include:

  • Prolonged job loss or reduction in hours
  • Business loss due to foreclosure, bankruptcy or a natural disaster
  • Marital status of change of parents or you and your spouse
  • Higher costs associated with supplies for courses or child care expenses

Schedule an appointment with a One Stop Counselor and list “Financial Aid Re-Evaluation” as the subject line of the appointment.

Schedule a One Stop Appointment

Emergency Grants and Loans

UTSA provides emergency grants and loans to assist with short-term financial losses that impact your ability to attend school. These situations are typically time-sensitive and one-time. In order to be considered for emergency grant funds, you will have to complete FAFSA and other aid must have been exhausted including grants and student loans.

Emergency aid can assist students for the situations listed below with supporting documentation:

  • Automobile breakdown (attach copy of repair bill, towing receipt, etc.)
  • Overdue bills (attach copy of eviction notice, shut off notice for lights/AC/heat, etc.)
  • Loss of childcare (attach copy of notification of pending loss of childcare)
  • Theft of belongings such as computer, laptop, clothing or other essential items (attach police report)
  • Temporary loss of job (attach notice of reduction in hours or letter from employer or unemployment)
  • Medical/dental emergency (attach hospital or doctor bill)

Emergency grants are given out as long as funds are available in amounts no larger than $1,500. These are one-time funds only that are administered as long as a financial aid application is on file and if all financial aid, such as grants and student loans, are exhausted. Those without a FAFSA on file or whose aid is not exhausted may be offered an emergency loan. This emergency loan will need to be repaid within the semester. Please fill out the Emergency Aid Application and attach supporting documentation in order to be considered for emergency aid.

Apply for Emergency Aid

Food Pantry

The Roadrunner Pantry is a community-supplied food pantry that is open to all students in need.

If you are in immediate need of assistance and unable to visit during open hours, you can visit the UC Information Desk and request a food pantry emergency kit, or can email RoadrunnerPantry@utsa.edu and a staff member will respond within 24 hours to arrange a food pickup.

You only need to bring your UTSA ID card with you. Located in UC North on the Main Campus, the pantry is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Food Pantry Website

Counseling Services

Counseling Services provides a confidential environment for students to discuss concerns.

Counseling services hosts individual and group sessions for students. Services are confidential and most come at no additional costs to students.

Counseling Services Website


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