Academic Requirements for Exemptions

Exemptions are worth keeping around. If you have one, be sure to meet all the academic requirements so you can maintain your exemption status.

If you receive an exemption, then you must meet the following at the end of every semester:

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 for undergraduates; 3.0 for graduates
  • Cannot “excessively exceed” hours required for your degree- Undergraduate Credit Limitation
    • If initially enrolled prior to Fall 1999, there is no maximum number of attempted hours
    • If initially enrolled Fall 1999 – Summer 2006, cannot exceed the required hours for your degree by more than 45 hours
    • If initially enrolled Fall 2006 – Present, cannot exceed required hours for your degree by more than 30 hours

Hazlewood Note: If you’re under the Hazlewood Exemption then you must also meet the requirements listed above. This includes those under the Veteran Program and the Dependent/Spouse Program. The only exception is dependents and spouses of veterans who are MIA or who were killed in action or who died as a result of service-related injury or illness. If you’re a legacy student, then you must meet the Exemption Requirements and Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements to receive the Hazlewood Exemption.

Exemption Requirements vs. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

You must meet certain academic requirements to be eligible for Exemptions, Financial Aid or a combination of both. To determine what requirements you must meet, refer to the chart below:

Exemption Requirements vs Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
Academic Component Exemptions for Undergraduates Exemptions for Graduates Financial Aid for Graduates or Undergraduates (SAP)
GPA of 2.0 for undergraduates
GPA of 3.0 for graduates
Complete 67% of all attempted classes X
Cannot attempt more than 150% of the number of credit hours required for your degree X
Cannot “Excessively Exceed” hours required for your degree – Undergraduate Credit Limitation X

Exemption Appeal Information

If you are not meeting the requirements necessary to receive your exemption, there is an appeal process depending on the academic requirement. Please see below for the process that applies to you:

  • GPA: submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal to the One Stop Enrollment Center
  • Excessively exceeding hours (Floating 30/45): meet with your assigned academic advisor about appealing Floating 30/45
  • Both GPA and Excessive hours: submit an SAP Appeal and meet with your assigned academic advisor about appealing Floating 30/45

Submitting an appeal does not guarantee you will regain eligibility for your exemption. Your appeal will be reviewed and a decision to approve or deny it will be made. Be sure to submit your appeal as soon as possible as this can delay the exemption to your account. Should your exemption be delayed, be sure to make other payment arrangements to prevent cancelation of your registration.

Exceptions to Exemption Requirements

If you receive exemptions under the following programs, you do not have to meet the new academic requirements in order to maintain eligibility for their exemption:

  • Hazlewood Exemption –child/spouse of a veteran killed on active duty, who is missing in action, or who died as a result of a service-related illness or injury
  • Dual Enrollment at All Institutions
  • Dual Enrollment at Junior Colleges
  • Ex-Prisoners of War
  • Foster Care/TX Department of Family and Protective Services
  • 100 Mile Waiver
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Military in Texas
  • NATO Members and Families
  • Nursing Graduate Students Planning to Teach
  • Olympic Programs Waiver
  • Teaching and Research Assistants
  • Tech Fee at UT Austin

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