Applying for Aid

Applying for financial aid is simple.

For new students, you can submit your financial aid application (FAFSA or TASFA) before you submit an admission application; however, you must be admitted to be offered financial aid.

For continuing students, you must reapply for financial aid each year. If your income or family circumstances change from one year to the next, then your financial aid will also change. If your circumstances do not change dramatically, then eligibility should also not change. However, the application process is annual, based on available budgets and is evaluated in the context of every given year.

Key Dates:

  • FAFSA – The FAFSA application always opens on October 1. The priority deadline to submit your FAFSA application is January 15 for fall and November 1 for spring.
  • TASFA – Typically the TASFA application is available on October 1. The priority deadline to submit your TASFA application is January 15.

Some other important things to note: If you’re attending classes during the summer, you’ll need to submit a special UTSA Summer Aid Application to let us know you’re interested in being offered financial aid. Also, there are some other things to consider if you are a non-citizen Texas resident, military affiliated or a veteran, an international student, a student athlete or interested in studying abroad.

  1. Submit a Financial Aid Application

    Fill out the federal FAFSA application and use our school code 010115. Aid applications should be completed by January 15, but the FAFSA opens in October of the previous year so we encourage you to submit it as early as possible. Late applications are accepted, but on-time applicants have a better chance at grants and scholarships. If you are a non-citizen Texas resident, you will need to submit the state TASFA application.

  2. Check Your Student Aid Report

    Once you submit your FASFA, you will receive a Student Aid Report. Check to see it’s not rejected. UTSA will also receive a copy, but it’s the student’s responsibility that their aid report is correct and not rejected.

  3. Check Your UTSA Preferred Email

    Once UTSA receives your information from the Department of Education, you might receive emails from UTSA indicating if we had any issues with your financial aid application. So monitor your UTSA preferred email carefully. The sooner we get missing documents from you, the sooner we can finalize your aid package.

  4. Accept Your Offer

    Students will be notified of their offer via email and can accept their financial aid through the ASAP student portal. For new students, you must be admitted to UTSA before you can be offered financial aid. To receive your aid money, students must accept all or parts of their financial aid offer through the ASAP student portal and satisfy any missing documentation needed. Disbursement of aid happens prior to the payment deadline of each semester.


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