Study Abroad Students

UTSA offers a wide variety of Study Abroad destinations to students of all majors and areas of interest.

Students that are interested in the Study Abroad program should first meet with the director of Education Abroad Services.

After visiting with the Education Abroad Services, students may find it beneficial to explore their financial aid options. Federal aid, such as Stafford loans and the Pell grant, are often used to help fund student study abroad programs. Alternative loans, scholarships and various grants may also be used to pay for study abroad programs and expenses.

If you are interested in applying to Study Abroad, application deadlines are as follows:

Application Deadlines
Fall Spring Summer
March 15 October 15 February 15

Students that are interested in studying abroad should be sure that they are financially prepared to travel overseas.

In order to receive financial aid to study abroad in the summer, the participating student must be degree-seeking and must be registered for at least half-time enrollment (a combined number of 6 hours for undergraduates, 3 hours for graduates throughout the summer semester).

Applying for Aid

All students are encouraged to apply for aid. If you are planning to receive financial aid to study abroad, be sure to submit the Study Abroad/Exchange Budget Form to the UTSA International Programs Office. You can obtain this form through the Office of International Programs website.

Once your budget form has been submitted to the International Programs Office and is approved it will be forwarded to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office for processing. During processing your budget will be adjusted to meet study abroad program costs. You will be notified by email once your financial aid budget has been updated. Processing may take up to 4 weeks. An adjustment made to your financial aid budget does not mean you will be awarded additional financial aid. It is each students responsibility to pursue outside resources if your award is not enough to cover program costs. For additional information regarding other resources please see our Alternative Loan page.

Please visit the links below for additional resources and information concerning financial aid for study abroad:

Students should respond promptly to any study abroad program requests for additional information or documents. Verification of Financial Aid forms or Consortium Agreements are often requested of the students by the host school. Students may obtain these forms from their respective study abroad program or host school.


For further questions concerning UTSA Financial Aid to study abroad, please feel free to contact the UTSA One Stop Enrollment Center at 210-458-8000.


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