Accepting Your Aid

Once you have been offered financial aid, you may go and review your aid on your ASAP account.

It is important to understand what types of financial aid you have been offered to make an informed decision before you accept your financial aid. View our tutorial for more instructions on how to view and accept your financial aid offer on ASAP.

Some financial aid will require additional steps after you accept them. These requirements and further instructions will be posted on your ASAP account and must be completed before your aid can disburse to your bill.

How to Accept Your Financial Aid Offer

  • Log onto your Automated Student Access Program (ASAP)
  • Click the “Financial Aid” tab
  • Click “Award”
  • Click “Award by Aid Year”
  • Select the applicable aid year and press submit
  • Click the “Accept Award Offer” tab
  1. Check Outstanding Requirements

    Review ASAP for unsatisfied requirements, and/or holds that will prevent disbursement of aid.

  2. Accept/Decline Your Aid

    Accept or decline your financial aid and scholarships. You may choose to leave offers as “undecided” or accept a partial amount. You are accepting for both the fall and spring semesters. Financial aid offers can contain a combination of grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study eligibility. Please note that some aid may have state “eligibility” requirements and will not disburse until you have completed the requirements to receive this fund. Additional information and requirements for specific financial aid offers can be found under the Understanding Aid section on the website.

  3. Check your Email

    If you have outstanding requirements, we will email your preferred email account as listed on ASAP to inform you of this. By default, your “preferred email account” is your assigned UTSA email. All correspondence from UTSA will be sent to this address. You may change your preferred mail account to another of your choosing by doing the following: Log into ASAP → Click the Personal Information tab → Click Update Email Address → Under the bold UTSA Preferred Email Address header, click Update Address.

  4. Need any forms?

    If a form is required, download it from the Financial Aid Forms website. All of our forms must be filled out online, printed and physically signed prior to submission via the methods listed on the form.

  5. Turning in your Documents & Deadlines

    Outstanding documents must be processed by our office in order for aid to disburse. Processing time is typically five to seven business days. However, documents submitted in peak times (July, August or January) will have a longer processing time, which may require you to submit a payment or make alternative payment arrangements. You can review the tuition and fee loan option on our website or installment plan option at the Fiscal Services website.


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