Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Process

 Students appealing their Satisfactory Academic Progress status are required to submit an appeal for review if they wish to be reconsidered for aid.

The following documents are required in order for us to process a SAP Appeal:

  • Financial Aid Appeal Form
  • All students must attach a typed letter answering the two questions below and provide related supporting documentation
    • Please provide details regarding the situations(s) that prevented you from maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress during last evaluation period. (Examples: extenuating medical/personal issues, change in field of study, dual major, transferred hours not counted, etc.) Note: do not discuss the need for financial aid as this is not grounds for appealing.
    • How has your situation changed that will allow you to demonstrate Satisfactory Academic Progress during the next evaluation period? (Examples: attending tutoring, adjusted work schedule, reduction in course schedule, etc.)
  • Degree Plan, if you were terminated due to exceeding Maximum Timeframe requirements as stated above.

Appeals are reviewed by the Financial Aid Review Committee. Students are notified of the committee’s decision via their UTSA email address. A student who has an appeal approved will be given an academic plan that must be followed in order to continue to receive financial aid. The academic plan will list requirements that must be followed by the student. Failure to follow all requirements will result in immediate forfeiture of financial aid.

SAP Appeal Deadlines


Priority Deadlines
Students that meet the priority deadline will have their appeal reviewed and a decision made before the payment deadline. As a reminder, the appeal packet must be complete with all necessary paperwork to be considered for priority. After the priority date, there is no guarantee the appeal will be reviewed and a decision made by the payment deadline.
Fall 2023 Spring 2024 Summer 2024
July 1, 2023 December 1, 2023 N/A


Final Appeal Deadlines
Students may submit an appeal up to the final appeal deadline for the appropriate semester. After the final deadline, students are advised to find alternative means to pay their balance.
Fall 2023 Spring 2024 Summer 2024
November 30, 2023 April 30, 2024 July 1, 2024


SAP Plan Requirements and Agreement for Financial Aid

After a student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal and academic history is reviewed, and a decision to reinstate financial aid is made, the student will be required to follow an academic plan for financial aid. The academic plan will have mandatory requirements that the student must follow and complete to continue with financial aid eligibility. The SAP Plan requirements will be checked at the end of every semester for compliance. Failure to meet the requirements will result in the loss of financial aid.

A student who is on an academic plan for financial aid will be required to submit a signed SAP Plan Agreement to the One Stop Enrollment Center. The agreement will be placed as a requirement on the student’s myUTSA Account. This agreement will list the mandatory requirements that must be followed. It will also state the ramifications if the plan is not followed. The SAP Plan Agreement must be submitted before any financial aid is offered or disbursed. The appeal is not complete until receipt of the signed SAP Plan Agreement.

Notification of Status

Students who have been terminated from financial aid will be notified of changes to SAP status via their UTSA email address. Changes in SAP status can also be viewed on myUTSA Account. Paying out of pocket for classes or sitting out a semester are not grounds for reinstatement of aid. Students must bring their academic progress back into compliance or have an appeal approved to have aid reinstated. Students who are denied may not appeal continuously (each semester) for the same circumstance. This policy decision does not prevent a student from enrolling in future semesters; however, it does prevent financial aid from being offered and disbursed. Students on financial aid termination are responsible for paying all educational expenses without the assistance of financial aid.

For questions about a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal please email

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