All UTSA financial aid and scholarships (with the exception of work-study) will be paid towards your tuition and fees and other education charges that appear on your student bill.

If your financial aid is in excess of all student billing charges, the remaining amount will be refunded to the student, unless the excess funds are from a Parent PLUS Loan and the parent requested the refund to be sent to them directly.

Refunds appear as a “General Refund Account” on your billing statement and will be sent either via US Mail or direct deposit three business days after your account balance shows as zero. Refunds are not generated the same day your aid disburses. You can sign up for direct deposit on ASAP so that funds are transferred directly to your bank account.

If you do not sign up for direct deposit, the mailing address as indicated on ASAP will be where Fiscal Services sends your refund. If it is not correct, checks will not be forwarded, but rather returned to UTSA and will have to be picked up by the student. If you did not receive an expected refund, email

Applying Refunds to Your UTSA Card

Prior to disbursement of your financial aid, you can apply up to $600 each semester to your UTSA Card, in $100 increments, as long as your financial aid exceeds the charges on your billing statement. You can begin applying financial aid to your UTSACard approximately 30 days prior to the start of each semester. To apply, log onto ASAP and select the following options in order: Student Services, UTSA Card, Add Money to Your UTSACard using Financial Aid. You can then use the applied funds to purchase your books at the UTSA bookstores or any other place Rowdy Dollars are accepted.

Typically, funds added to your UTSA Card appear within 90 minutes. The amount added will appear as a charge on your billing statement and will be deducted from your financial aid once it disburses.


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