Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance (COA)—sometimes referred to as the “student budget”—is an estimate of what it costs a typical student to attend UTSA for one academic year (fall and spring terms).

The COA includes average tuition and fee costs, a book allowance, housing and meals (on-campus, off-campus and at-home), transportation and personal/miscellaneous expenses. Your COA will be determined by your housing plans and your expected enrollment. Please remember that your COA may be higher than your actual direct cost at UTSA. Please see the chart below for the components of the various Cost of Attendance budgets at UTSA.

Understanding the Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance vs Direct Cost vs Indirect Cost

The Cost of Attendance is needed to help us calculate your financial need, and it sets a limit on the total aid that you may receive. It consists of both Direct Cost and Indirect Cost. Direct Costs are expenses you will pay UTSA, which includes tuition and fees and on-campus housing and meals. Indirect Costs are costs you may incur while you attend UTSA but do not pay UTSA directly. These include books and supplies, transportation and personal expenses you may have and any off-campus housing.

Enrollment: Full Time vs Part Time

Undergraduate students are budgeted on a projected full-time enrollment. Graduate students are budgeted on a projected part-time enrollment. Certain grants and loans require you to have specific enrollment requirements. Visit our enrollment requirements page for more details.

Living Arrangements

Based on your living arrangement, your cost of attendance can vary. Here are the three options you have:

  • Living at Home – If you are living at home with your parents, you will only be required to pay tuition and fees and incur book costs as your direct charges.
  • Living on Campus – Alvarez Hall, Laurel and Chaparral Village, Chisholm Hall, University Oaks
  • Living off Campus

Cost of Attendance Breakdown

  • Tuition and Fees: The average cost of tuition and fees for a typical undergraduate student based on full-time or part-time enrollment. Full-time undergraduate = 30 hours per year; Part-time undergraduate = 18 hours per year; Full-time graduate = 18 hours per year; Part-time graduate = 12 hours per year.
  • Books and Supplies: The average cost of books and supplies for a typical student for an entire academic year.
  • Transportation: Average transportation expenses for at home students and off campus students are based on an average 30 mile round trip to campus. Average transportation expenses for on campus students are based on a VIA bus pass and 2 trips home per year.
  • Personal and Miscellaneous: Average expenses are calculated based on potential expenses that you may incur based on whether you are living on campus, off campus or at home with your parents.
  • Housing and Meals: A reasonable estimate of what it would cost to live in San Antonio while attending school. Actual costs may vary by individual choices related to location and circumstances.

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