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for Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Enrollment
If you have questions related to enrolling at UTSA, such as checking your financial aid status, submitting required paperwork or receiving advice on how to troubleshoot unexpected hang-ups, then you’re already on the right site! Contact us at the One Stop Enrollment Center, your go-to resource as a UTSA student.

for Advisor & Degree Requirements
If you’re a current student and have questions about what classes you should take or your degree requirements, contact your academic advisor. You can see who your assigned advisor is under myUTSA Account’s Student Services tab.

for Billing & Fiscal Services
If you have tuition and fees billing questions, contact Fiscal Services. You can view your tuition and fees bill on myUTSA Account by clicking under the Fiscal Services tab and then selecting RowdyPay.

for Student Activities & Organizations
If you have questions about UTSA’s student organizations, clubs and activities contact the Office of Student Life. Visit the student organization directory RowdyLink and create an account to explore and join student organizations that match your interests.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions? We have answers. Below are the most frequently asked questions by area.

Admissions & Attending UTSA

UTSA offers 70+ undergraduate areas of study and more than 120 doctoral, master’s and graduate certificate programs, with the complete listing of degree programs and majors available online on our website, which also provides further links to each degree program’s entry in the undergraduate or graduate catalog.

If you are an undergraduate student and would like to know what the class requirements are for your specific major or area of study, you can find out by accessing the Undergraduate Course Catalog.

If you are a graduate student and would like to know what the class requirements are for your specific major or area of study, you can find out by accessing the Graduate Course Catalog.


The cost of UTSA tuition and fees depends on a few different things:

  • Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student;
  • Whether you are a Texas resident, out-of-state, or international student;
  • The number of hours you are enrolled for each semester

In general, if you are undergraduate student who is a Texas resident and are full-time (taking 15 credit hours), you can expect to pay around $10,600 for the fall and spring semesters.

Specifics on tuition and mandatory fees can be found on the Fiscal Services website.  Please note that certain classes, majors and colleges may have additional fees associated with them.  You may review a detailed listing of tuition and fees in the UTSA Student Policies..

First-time freshman automatic admission requirements are primarily based on high school ranking and SAT/ACT test scores.  Please review Freshman Admission Requirements.

Depending on the number of transferable hours they have completed, transfer students will be evaluated on their transferable hours from accredited colleges and universities and possibly their high school rank and ACT or SAT test scores.  Please review Transfer Admission Requirements for more information.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will perform holistic committee reviews for select students who do not meet guaranteed admission requirements.  If you are an international student or a high school student applying for early admission, please visit our website for information.

To learn more about the Graduate School admissions process, please visit the Graduate School Checklist.

If you have further questions regarding the undergraduate admission process, please visit the One Stop Enrollment Center, call (210) 458-8000 or email


Yes, off-campus housing is available in the immediate vicinity and surrounding area. You are also welcome to independently search for your off-campus housing. For more information, visit Off-Campus Housing.

If you are submitting high school or college transcripts to Undergraduate Admissions, you may do so either by mailing them or by submitting them in person at the One Stop Enrollment Center.

Official Parchment and E-Script electronic transcripts can also be sent electronically through the school or university to

The mailing address for Undergraduate Admissions is:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, Texas 78249

Faxed submissions cannot be accepted.

If you are submitting college transcripts for Graduate School Admissions, you can have official electronic transcripts sent by email to from the prior institution. The sealed official transcripts can also be brought in-person to the Graduate School and Research Building (GSR) 2.210 or mailed.

The mailing address for the Graduate School is:

The University of Texas at San Antonio
Attn: The Graduate School
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX 78249

The One Stop Enrollment Center is able to answer questions regarding undergraduate admissions, registration, and financial aid. You can also contact your Admissions Counselor with any specific questions you may have.

We encourage you to contact our One Stop Enrollment Center during our normal hours of operation. Note: during certain peak seasons and holidays, office hours may be subject to change.

Phone and Fax

(Toll Free) 1-800-669-0919
(210) 458-8000 (local)
(210) 458-4638 (fax)

Mailing Address

Undergraduate Admissions
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX  78249


After you submit an electronic application, an email notification will be sent to you within days of receiving the application. You’ll receive your myUTSA ID and will be asked to activate your account so that you can then log in and set a passphrase for access to UTSA applications like myUTSA.  Once you have activated your account, please log in to your myUTSA Account and follow these steps to check your status:

  1. Log into
  2. Select the “Future Roadrunner” tab from the menu
  3. Select “Check Admissions Status”
  4. Select “Display Applications”
  5. Click the link displayed in “Admission Term” to view the detailed information on the application

If you have issues activating your account, please contact the One Stop Enrollment Center at (210) 458-8000 or (800) 669-0919 or in person with a valid photo ID.

The application deadline for students who are applying for undergraduate admission to UTSA varies based on the term you would like to be admitted. All required documents, transcripts, fees and test scores must be on file by 5 pm on the date of the deadline. Deadlines which fall on a weekend or UTSA holiday will be extended until 5 pm the following business day. If your file is not completed by the final deadline, you will not be considered for admission to UTSA for that semester. To view upcoming deadlines, please visit our admissions deadline page.

Former undergraduate students who wish to reapply for admissions who were previously dismissed may have different deadlines. Please visit the Admissions website for deadlines for dismissed students to reapply for admission as well as other important deadlines.

There are six housing complexes on campus accommodating approximately 4,500 students. Students living on-campus are close to classrooms, dining services, exhibits, the student center, library, athletic facilities, student recreation center and a multitude of activities. All UTSA residence facilities are co-ed.
UTSA-owned communities include traditional-style halls such as Alvarez Hall home of our Themed Residential Communities, Chisholm Hall, and Guadalupe Hall the home of the Honor’s Residential College. Chaparral and Laurel Villages are apartment-style living with a choice of either two or four private bedrooms in an apartment with a living room and kitchenette.
The newest UTSA-owned residential hall, Blanco Hall, is set to open Fall 2025.
For more information regarding UTSA Housing and Residence Life for UTSA-owned housing, please call 210-458-6200 or email
In addition to UTSA-owned housing, there is a privately owned apartment complex on campus named University Oaks that are owned by Campus Living Villages (CLV). University Oaks is a large apartment complex with a variety of floor plans, all of which have full kitchens (including stove/oven). This property is owned and managed by CLV and therefore operate under different contractual agreements than those owned and managed by UTSA. For more information regarding University Oaks, please call 210-877-4000 or email

  • Log in to your ApplyTexas.
  • Pay a non-refundable $70 application fee*.
  • Submit official transcripts from every institution attended. (UTSA accepts transcripts through Electronic Parchment, E-Script PDF and Naviance.)
  • If you also need to meet freshmen requirements, there are additional items that need to be submitted (see below).
  • All documentation must be submitted by the admission deadline (not postmarked). An admission decision is not rendered until the applicant’s file is complete.
  • You’ll be notified when UTSA receives your ApplyTexas application and you’ll be given a myUTSA ID so you can check on your admission status.
  • Once an application and all documentation are submitted, a decision can be rendered. Please note offers of admission are valid only for the semester indicated in the acceptance letter.


We invite you to visit UTSA to see all of the possibilities that exist for you at our wonderful institution. Our tours fill up so we strongly encourage you register for our daily or group tours. Walk-ins are accepted on a limited basis and we offer a self-guided experience if the tour is at capacity. You can register online and confirm tour schedules on UTSA’s Welcome Center.

Grants, scholarships, loans and work-study are available depending on financial need and the date the FAFSA was filed. More specific information is available on the Future Roadrunner website.

UTSA accepts either the SAT or ACT when applying for admission as a freshmen. Scores from these tests must be sent directly from the testing agency because we cannot accept test scores that appear on high school transcripts. To have your SAT score sent to UTSA, contact the College Board.  UTSA’s SAT code is 6919. To have your ACT score sent to UTSA, contact ACT, Inc.  UTSA’s ACT code is 4239.

Information regarding required minimum SAT or ACT test scores may be found on the Future Roadrunner website. UTSA does not superscore, but takes into account the composite score of the critical reading and math portions when looking at minimum test scores for the SAT.

Yes! UTSA offers a number of online and hybrid courses, both at the undergraduate and graduate level, so that degree-seeking students have options for completing some of their coursework without coming to campus. You can learn more about the benefits of online/hybrid courses at the Online Learning website; you can also search for current and upcoming online/hybrid courses by selecting Hybrid Course or Internet-based Course in the Attributes section of the class schedule.

UTSA also offers an online BBA degree in Cyber Security.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

All US citizens and certain eligible non-citizens (such as permanent residents) can apply for financial aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This must be done each year and the FAFSA is a free service. You should never pay to fill out a FAFSA. The FAFSA application requires a federal school code or for you to select what school(s) you want your application to be sent. The UTSA federal school code is 010115. Find out more info!

Students that are classified as a Texas Resident and who cannot apply for federal financial aid using the FAFSA are encouraged to complete the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA). They must be coded as a House Bill student by the Admissions Office in order to qualify. Find out more info!

The UTSA Financial Aid and Scholarship office typically begins disbursing federal and state aid 10 days prior to the first day of class for the fall and spring semester.  To ensure your funds disburse to your account in a timely manner, accept your financial aid awards online through your myUTSA Account . Check and address any items that are required to finish your financial aid file. As long as all the required documents are processed, you have no holds and your actual enrollment matches your cost of attendance (budget), your aid should disburse.

Please note that some scholarships and financial aid for students with consortium agreements with other schools will not disburse until after the Census Date.

All of your financial aid will first be applied towards your tuition and fees and other educational charges.  Once your billed charges have been paid, a credit will be available on your account and issued to you as a refund, if applicable.

Direct Deposit is the quickest way to receive your refund. Direct Deposit can be set up on your myUTSA Account and from when your account balance shows zero. It usually takes three business days to post your refund in your bank account. If you see a “General Refund Account” on your billing statement, this is the amount of your refund and is not a charge.  If you do not have direct deposit on your account, funds will be sent by U.S. Mail. Paper refund checks may take up to five to seven business days to reach you and will be mailed to the mailing address you have listed on myUTSA.

UTSA has different types of scholarships:

  1. Merit-Based scholarships are strictly academic and are usually determined by SAT and ACT scores, GPA or class rank.  Most are awarded through the Honors College and various department levels.
  2. Need-based scholarships require students to demonstrate financial need by completing a FAFSA and often have other criteria.
  3. A combination of merit and need-based scholarships require students to demonstrate financial need in addition to the criteria for merit scholarships.
  4. General Scholarships are those offered and awarded through the Financial Aid & Scholarships office, but college and departmental scholarships require separate applications and deadlines may vary. Please visit Scholarships for more information.
  5. Miscellaneous or Outside Scholarships are scholarships from donors outside of UTSA. If you are interested in pursuing this type of scholarship, visit Outside Scholarships.

For more information about types of scholarships, deadlines and eligibility requirements, please visit Scholarships or email from your UTSA-selected, preferred e-mail account.

The One Stop Enrollment Center is able to answer questions regarding undergraduate admissions, registration and financial aid. You can also contact your Admissions Counselor with any specific questions you may have.

We encourage you to contact our One Stop Enrollment Center during our normal hours of operation. Note: during certain peak seasons and holidays, office hours may be subject to change.

Phone and Fax

(Toll-Free) 1-800-669-0919
(210) 458-8000 (local)
(210) 458-4638 (fax)

Mailing Address

Financial Aid and Scholarships
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX  78249


If all required documents are complete, financial aid typically disburses 10 days prior to the start of the semester. If the amount of your financial aid exceeds what is used to pay for your tuition and fees, the remaining balance may be used to pay for your housing expenses. The process is slightly different depending on your housing situation. Please read below for details on how to get your remaining financial aid to pay for housing depending on where you live:

Campus Living Villages  – If you live at University Oaks your housing charges do not automatically appear on your student billing statement on myUTSA. Students may go to Fiscal Services to request that a portion of the pending refund amount be set aside for housing at University Oaks. Fiscal Services will then give the student a receipt to provide University Oaks in order to show the amount of financial aid that is being applied toward housing.
*Please note, if your financial aid will be exhausted by tuition and related fees, you cannot pursue this option and will need to make other arrangements to pay for housing with University Oaks. Also, if your refund will only cover a portion of your rent, you will need to make arrangements with University Oaks to cover the portion of your rent that financial aid will not cover.

UTSA Housing and Residence Life

Housing fees for Alvarez Hall, Blanco Hall, Chisholm Hall, Guadalupe Hall, Chaparral Village, or Laurel Village will automatically show up as part of your bill before the tuition deadline. After tuition and fees are paid, any remaining financial aid will then pay toward your housing balance. If it is not enough to cover your entire housing balance, you will be responsible for paying the difference.

You may check the status of your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) any time at, but we recommend you at least check the status:

  • One week after submission if you used your FSA ID to sign your application.
  • Two to three weeks after submission if you printed, signed and mailed a signature page.
  • You can also make corrections to a processed FAFSA, add or delete a school code, or view and print your FAFSA Submission Summary (FSS), which is referred to as a Student Aid Report (SAR) for the 2023-2024 academic year, online.

You may check on your UTSA financial aid online at myUTSA Account, where you can accept or decline your financial aid and scholarship awards. For scholarship awards, please refer to your scholarship award letter for instructions on accepting awards, deadlines and additional required documents. To check your account for outstanding requirements, please follow the instructions below:

1. Log into myUTSA

2. Click on the “Financial Aid” tab

3. Click “Eligibility”

4. Click “Student Requirements”

5. Select the relevant aid year from the drop-down menu.

To guarantee that your classes will be paid for by the payment deadline, and to avoid a late fee, please submit all requested documentation and take care of any holds early in order to allow for processing time.

Registration & Records

For academic and specific course-related semester dates, visit Schedule of Classes.

UTSA is using Parchment/Credential Solutions, Inc. for transcript requests to streamline the transcript process and offer services such as 24/7 secure access compatible with all mobile and tablet devices, 24/7 online order status and tracking, and automated electronic delivery acknowledgement.

To view detailed instructions on how to order your transcript, visit our Transcript Ordering page.

Fiscal Services & Billing

Students and their families have several options for making tuition payments. We accept cash, checks, money orders or credit cards for tuition and fee payments. UTSA also offers an e-check (EFT-electronic funds transfer) option online through Rowdy Pay. We accept MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Visa. There is a 2.25% fee for all credit card charges.

The easiest way to pay or check account balances is online. Students will log into their myUTSA Account to access Rowdy Pay, while authorized users will log directly into Rowdy Pay.

The other payment options include:

  • In person at one of two Fiscal Service Offices locations:

Main Campus – John Peace Library Building – JPL 1.03.06

Downtown Campus – Frio Street Building – FS 1.508

  • Mail to:

The University of Texas at San Antonio

Fiscal Services Office

One UTSA Circle

San Antonio, TX 78249

Payment deadlines change with each semester.  Please refer to exact payment deadlines at the Fiscal Services website.


UTSA has an online directory so you that you can search for UTSA offices, faculty, and staff. Please note that UTSA does not provide a student directory.  You may also choose to call University information at 210-458-4011.

If you are experiencing an emergency and need to get a hold of someone on campus, you may contact the University Police at 210-458-4242.

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Call volumes may be higher during peak times.

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What is one Stop?

The One Stop Enrollment Center assists with all questions related to financial aid, admissions and registration. Need help submitting paperwork, want to request a transcript, or verification of enrollment? Our office is here to help!