Apply For Graduation

All students must apply for graduation. It is recommended that undergraduates apply for graduation once their Requirements and Credits under Degree Progress has reached 80% in Degree Works; graduate students after completing 24 semester credit hours.

How Do I Know if I Can Graduate?

While we encourage students to apply for graduation when they reach a certain point in their degree (80% of degree progress met for undergraduates and completing 24 semester credit hours for graduates), it’s important to review DegreeWorks, check in with your Academic Advisor, or reach out to the Graduation Help Desk with questions or concerns. These resources are available to help you determine if you’re eligible to graduate!

How Do I Apply for Graduation?

Log into your myUTSA Account Modern View:

  1. Click on the Main Menu (top left) and select “Student Services”
  2. Under the Menu: Graduation & Commencement card, click on the “App Graduation Application” button
  3. Click on “Complete Graduation Application”
  4. Read all instructions very carefully. Your application will not be processed unless you complete the application in its entirety and receive a confirmation number on the last page. Print the confirmation page and keep it for your records.

Students with double majors, double minors or double concentrations:
If you have two majors, two minors or two concentrations, please submit the Application for Graduation through the Document Uploader. Students with one major, one minor and one concentration are still able to apply for graduation through their myUTSA Account.

Application Deadlines

The Application for Graduation for Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral students must be submitted by the semester deadlines listed below. Applying for graduation by the priority application deadline increases the likelihood that a student’s record will be reviewed to identify any missing requirements before the term begins. Students should contact their assigned academic advisor prior to their final semester to ensure they are on track to complete requirements for graduation.

Graduation Term

Deadline to Apply**

July 15
September 15
November 15
February 15
Note: Doctoral candidates may only participate in December
June 15

*Degrees awarded in summer will state a graduation date of August, regardless of the date of participation in commencement.

**Undergraduate and master’s students graduating in the summer have the choice of participating in either the May or December commencement ceremony as there is no ceremony in the summer. Doctoral students graduating in the summer can participate in the December commencement ceremony, as the dissertation defense must be completed prior to commencement. After the final graduation deadline, the student’s name may not be in the Commencement Program. Additionally, any changes to the diploma name must be made before these deadlines.

Missed Deadline Procedure

Students who miss the application for graduation deadline must petition for graduation. It is not guaranteed that a student’s petition will be approved.

  • Undergraduate students: Contact the Office of the Registrar.
  • Graduate students: Contact the Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies of the college in which you are enrolled.
  • The student’s name may not appear in the Commencement program if the graduation application deadline is missed, regardless of petition approval.

Certificate Procedure

It is the student’s responsibility to apply for the certificate by submitting a completed Application for Certificate  to the One Stop Enrollment Center prior to the deadline.


Semester of Completion

Deadline to Apply

Fall September 15th
Spring February 15th
Summer June 15th



Awarding of Your Degree

All Students

Once all final audits are completed – approximately 30 days after the end of the term – degrees will be posted to the transcripts. Degrees awarded in summer will state a graduation date of August, regardless of the date of participation in commencement.

Undergraduate Students

To ensure that requirements for the degree are met, the college undergraduate advising center in which the student is enrolled is responsible for the degree audit. A final audit is conducted at the close of the semester. Contact the advising center for questions concerning the audit process.

Graduate Students

Degree audits are conducted by the college in which the student is enrolled. The documents needed to complete the degree are compiled and verified by the college Associate Dean’s office. The documents are forwarded to Graduation Coordination in the Registrar’s office for recording.

Degrees awarded in summer will state a graduation date of August, regardless of the date of participation in commencement.

What happens if I apply for graduation, but do not actually graduate?
Students who apply for the degree in a given semester but do not fulfill all requirements must submit a new application for graduation before the deadline for the semester in which they intend to graduate.


Withdrawing a Graduation Application

Log into myUTSA Account:

  1. Click on Student Services
  2. Click on Student Records
  3. Click on Graduation
  4. Click on Graduation Application/Survey
  5. Select Continue
  6. Select the term you are trying to withdraw. It will then tell you, you have an application on file for that term already, select withdraw application at the bottom of that page.

You may also choose to submit the Request to Withdraw Graduation Application  form to One Stop Enrollment.

You will need to re-apply for the term you wish to graduate through your myUTSA Account.

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