Texas Grant Statement of Selective Service Status

A male student cannot receive a grant, scholarship, loan or other financial assistance funded by state revenue, unless a statement of the individual’s Selective Service status is completed with the institution or other entity granting or guaranteeing the financial assistance. This requirement also includes federal funds or gifts and grants accepted by this state and any loans guaranteed by the state of Texas (See TEC, 51.9095).

Typically, a student’s selective service status is confirmed through the online FAFSA process which validates registration directly with the Selective Service Administration. The State requires that we collect a “Student Compliance With Selective Service” statement.

This statement must be collected for all male applicants, each academic year, in the following situations:

  • A FAFSA that that is flagged “not registered” must be reviewed by the institution to determine if the student is exempt and may be eligible for federal or state financial aid programs. If the student is exempt, additional documentation should be collected by the institution to verify the circumstances. The institution can determine what additional documentation to collect for this verification.
  • For a student that does not complete a FAFSA, the required statement and back-up documentation must be collected by the institution to verify the current selective service status if the individual is applying for any state financial aid.

The required statement can be found here and can submit it one of the following ways:

  • Financial Aid Document Uploader
  • U.S. mail to the following mailing address:

    University of Texas at San Antonio
    Financial Aid and Scholarship Office
    One UTSA Circle
    San Antonio, TX 78249

  • In person or through the drop box outside One Stop Enrollment Center at either the Main or Downtown Campus.

For data security purposes, documents submitted by email or fax cannot be accepted.

If you have questions, please visit our Financial Aid Document Uploader FAQ or contact One Stop at 210-458-8000 or email onestop@utsa.edu

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