One Stop is a Roadrunners’ go-to admissions resource and can assist you with a variety of enrollment related items such as checking your application status or resetting the password to your myUTSA ID.

Admission Requirements

For admission information specific to your student classification, visit our Future Roadrunner website by selecting your classification below.

You can check your admission status anytime on ASAP.

Claim Your myUTSA ID

You will first need to activate your myUTSA ID, which serves as your primary student ID at UTSA. You should have received an activation email from after your application was received by UTSA.

Once activated, you will use your myUTSA ID and passphrase to log into just about everything here, including your student portal, ASAP. If you need to reset your password/passphrase, visit the UTSA Passphrase Portal.

Check your Admission Status

  1. Log in to ASAP.
  2. Select the Future Roadrunner tab on the main menu
  3. Click “Check your Admission Status”
  4. Click the Display Applications link
  5. Select your Admission Term (ex: Fall 2018) to display the details of your application

Staying in Touch via Email

As an incoming student, we will be using the email address you chose on your admissions application to communicate with you; however, it’s important to note the preferred email address that is listed when you log into ASAP. This will default to a UTSA-issued email, so if you’d like to change it to another email address, like a personal Gmail, Yahoo, etc., you must do so on ASAP. Once you’re a Roadrunner, this is the email address UTSA will use to communicate information with you, so make sure it’s an email you’ll check often!

At this time, we recommend transcripts be sent electronically (see instructions below). If you are a freshman and your school is experiencing an issue sending transcripts, please reach out to your high school counselor and have them submit a copy of your transcript to

Electronically: Ask your school to send your official transcript to UTSA through either TREx or SPEEDE. TREx is preferred for high school transcripts and SPEEDE is preferred for college transcripts. Electronic Parchment, E-Script PDF and Naviance transcripts can be sent to

If your high school or institution prefers mailing transcripts, please send an official, sealed copy of your transcript to:

The University of Texas at San Antonio
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX 78249

Your myUTSA ID (abc123) is your primary student ID at UTSA. You’ll need it to log into almost everything here including ASAP. To access ASAP, you’ll first need to activate your myUTSA ID.

Activating your myUTSA ID

After applying to UTSA, you should receive an email from with a link and instructions to activate your myUTSA ID. Once activated, you’ll use your myUTSA ID and passphrase to log into ASAP.

I didn’t get an activation email

If you didn’t receive your activation email or need help, contact the One Stop Enrollment Center at 210-458-8000. After confirming your identity, they’ll be able to send you another activation email.

I forgot my password

If you need to reset your password/passphrase, visit the UTSA Passphrase Portal.

I activated myUTSA ID, but I can’t access ASAP

If you’re unable to access ASAP, click the Forgot/Reset Passphrase link on the ASAP page to reset your login information. If you can’t reset the passphrase (because you didn’t set up contact/reset information), contact One Stop Enrollment Center at 210-458-8000 for the link to be re-sent.

What is ASAP?

ASAP is your student portal that allows you to access most of your student information and academic records at UTSA.


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What is one Stop?

The One Stop Enrollment Center assists with all questions related to financial aid, undergraduate admissions and registration. Need help submitting paperwork, want to request a transcript, or verification of enrollment? Our office is here to help!